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Adapative, handicapped and Special Needs Saddles for the physically challenged, We build saddles for a variety of "special needs" children and adults. Built for the individual requirements. Therapeutic horseback riding is a tremendous help to the physically challenged of all ages. Plus English,Western, Show, Work Custom Saddles, English & Western Show Work Buckaroo Pleasure Pack Equipment Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino, Chaps and Chinks and a variety of other products.

Jordan Special Needs Saddle

 Sheridan Rose Partial Curve Bowman Tree
 Quarter Bars - D  Rig
 High Cantle Board with Head Restraint
 Swing Away  Chest Straps with Velcro® closure  and Quick Release Jerk String
 Foot Guard for safety features
 Padded Back
 Padded Gel Seat
 Twist and Wrap Stirrups


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